If your payment is unsuccessful you will receive a notification from us by SMS, and we will issue you with a Statutory Default Notice by email and post, which explains personalised next steps for your agreement. Generally, the following process is followed: 

  • Unless otherwise stated, a default fee is applied. This is £27.50 for Personal Lines customers and £35 for Commercial Lines customers.
  • We will provide a final 'last chance date' to make payment by in order to avoid terminating your agreement. 
  • We will re-attempt for this payment within 7-10 days if your bank details are valid on our system.
  • If this re-attempt is unsuccessful or your bank details are not valid, we will issue you an additional arrears reminder by email or post within 7-10 days of the original payment date.

If you would like to bring your account up to date, you can make a payment via our payment portal by clicking here. You will need your agreement number, which is listed at the top of any correspondence we have sent you.


If you are experiencing financial difficulties in making your payments, please let us know as soon as possible by contacting us using the links provided below. 

You can also obtain free independent advice and assistance from specialist organisations, more information on which you can find here.